Monday, October 3, 2016

Password Security

Security is annoying 

Password Security
Today as I was sitting in traffic, I noticed this delivery truck in front of me. The door was closed and latched. There was even a lock in place, however it was not locked. Like many things at first glance this looks secure, but it is not. I can just imagine why the driver chose not to lock the padlock. It would require him to take out his keys and unlock it just to open the door then do it all over again at the next stop.

This is how most people feel about network login passwords. It is annoying having to remember all of these passwords. Much less change them on a regular basis. The results are passwords like ‘P@ssw0rd1”, then if you do create a policy for complex passwords but do not train them on the best way to remember and set these passwords, they will just resist the change and start writing down passwords and keeping them on their desk. Like under the keyboard.

A better lock and password

Using a door with an automatic lock would prevent the driver from bypassing this security feature. Much like using a group policy to force network users to change their passwords and set it to a more secure length. This would ensure that this most basic of security features in you network is not bypassed. It however does nothing to prevent the password on a post-it note under the keyboard. However, a very nice trick is to use a recognizable pattern for passwords. Makemyday@Secure1.pass  Jesuswept@John11:35 These are great passwords very easy to remember and uses upper and lower case and symbols and numbers. As with the delivery driver training on the best way to keep your data access secure is everyone’s responsibility.  
Viyu has implemented windows group policy for years. Let our professional engineer’s setup a complex password security policy that will help keep your network safe at the most often accessed layer.
- Viyu Engineer